Vitamin D Vegetables, Vitamin D Fruits- Which Ones to Choose

By on March 31, 2015

When it comes to Vitamin D Vegetables and Vitamin D Fruits, which ones do you choose to meet your Vitamin D needs? The answer is simple. Because there are no vitamin D vegetables and no vitamin d fruits, you can choose none of them, and you will meet exactly ZERO% of your Vitamin D Requirements by eating all of the fruits and vegetables you can.

In fact, there are few Vitamin D Foods at all that will meet your needs, and it’s almost a pointless endeavor to make any attempt at all to meet your Vitamin D needs through foods- unless you eat like a native Greenlander, getting most of your calories through fatty fish like salmon.

If There are No Vitamin D Vegetables
What Should Vegans and Vegetarians Do?

Well, there are a few non-animal sources of Vitamin D, however, they are not plants, and hence they are not fruits or vegetables. So, vegetarians and vegans can STILL get Vegan Vitamin D in a few different ways. You can go to that page to find out more about the several sources, but since there are so few sources, I can go over them quickly. They are:

  1. Vitamin D from Sun
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Algae

Mushrooms seem like they might be a good idea, but Mushrooms are a Poor Source of Vitamin D. Last but not least, there is a Vegan Vitamin D Supplement made from lichen. That’s it. Those are a vegan’s three choices for meeting their vitamin d requirements.

What Should Omnivores Eat
To Get their Vitamin D

Since there are no Vitamin D Vegetables or Vitamin D Fruit, and as I point out on the Vitamin D Foods page, there are few ‘good source of vitamin d’, aside from getting a little bit of Vitamin D from fish as often as possible, and even Vitamin D Enriched Foods are not a good choice of Vitamin D, your choices are really sun and supplements. But if you live north of 37 degrees latitude, getting Vitamin D in Winter will be challenging, or even downright impossible for most.

Without any vitamin d vegetables or vitamin d fruits, and almost no good vitamin d foods at all- for vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores, the best choice for most will be to take lifelong Vitamin D Supplements when not getting sufficient sun to meet their needs. But it’s not that simple, and taking ‘just’ vitamin D causes uncomfortable Vitamin D Side Effects in people with nutrient deficiencies they didn’t know they had. The number of people with these severe nutrient deficiencies is higher than you might think. So, I highly recommend not ‘just’ taking Vitamin D, as most people will do, but following the step-by-step protocol on the Vitamin D Therapy page, and getting my created just for you Vitamin D Absorption Pack and optimize your vitamin D levels while preventing side effects.

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