Why are You Interested in Vitamin D Enriched Foods?

By on April 9, 2015
Vitamin D Enriched Foods are Not fit for Human Consumption

There are several Vitamin D Enriched Foods around, including milk and other dairy products, orange juice, soy milk, and some breakfast cereals, but the question is why are you interested in such things? Foods such as orange juice and milk are definitely enriched with vitamin D, but these foods are not intended to be good sources of Vitamin D, they are merely foods designed to prevent the most obvious vitamin deficiencies, particularly in children.

While it seems as though the Vitamin D in milk did end the problem of rickets in children, this is actually misleading since  Vitamin D Rickets is Back with a Vengeance. So, a disease that was once thought to be eradicated with the Vitamin D in milk has returned. Since milk is still fortified with the same amount of Vitamin D it has had for decades, and children still drink milk, then the Vitamin D in Milk is obviously not meeting even the most minimum needs of children, let alone that of adults.

The reason for this is obvious once you understand that there are almost no Vitamin D Foods, and there is no Vitamin D in Vegetables or fruits either; so the only realistic source of Vitamin D is sunshine. Vitamin D and Sun is the most important way to get Vitamin D, but in the last decade or so, children are being kept indoors more and more. Children used to walk to school, now they are driven; they used to play outside, now they are kept indoors; and adults work and play inside, contributing to the epidemic rise of Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency. This change in societal habits is preventing most people from getting enough sun, such that children don’t even get enough Vitamin D to prevent rickets!  How sad that this is happening in modern times.

Vitamin D Enriched Foods
Have the Wrong Kind of Vitamin D

Another reason to ignore the vitamin D content of Vitamin D enriched foods is because they have the wrong KIND of Vitamin D. Whether it is the Vitamin D in milk, Vitamin D enriched orange juice, soy milk, or breakfast cereal, which comprise almost all of the Vitamin D enriched foods available, they all contain Vitamin D2. Unfortunately, Vitamin D2 is not the proper kind of Vitamin D for humans. Humans need Vitamin D3 and not Vitamin D2. This is not just a ‘semantics’ difference either; researchers have stated that Vitamin D2 is not fit for human consumption and that it does not have the disease-prevention ability of the far superior Vitamin D3.

So, the Vitamin D in milk and Vitamin D enriched foods should not be used as a  Vitamin D Food. It’s merely added to prevent obvious vitamin D deficiency-  and it doesn’t even do that very well!

Why Would You Eat Those Foods Anyway?

Additionally, the foods that are enriched with Vitamin D are not fit to eat if you want good health. Vitamin D milk is almost always from ‘feed lot’ cows that are kept confined in dirty pens, fed GMO feed like soy and corn, and given antibiotics and hormones that end up in the milk. No one who wants to be healthy should ingest such milk. Read about the only milk that should be ingested at the Campaign for Real Milk. Yes, how the milk is made and processed makes a difference.

Orange juice, too, is just a glass full of sugar. Fruit sugar is not any better for you than table sugar, so drinking orange juice in any quantity is not recommended. Soy milk is not fit for human consumption, and breakfast cereals are just junk food that no one who loves their children should feed them. And none contain a significant amount of vitamin D to even mention. Ugh.

So, What Are Your Options?

Since Vitamin D enriched foods are not a reasonable source of Vitamin D, and there are not any reasonable sources of Vitamin D Foods that westerners eat regularly, and no Vitamin D Vegetables at all, what should you do to get Vitamin D? Well, the only reasonable sources to meet your Vitamin D Requirements are Vitamin D from Sun, or Vitamin D Supplements.  That’s it. Those are really your only options. And if you are not able to get 10 plus hours a week of sunshine directly on your skin (not through glass) in a sunny climate then you will need to be taking supplements.

Really, this is your only real choice if you want to meet your Vitamin D Requirements and avoid the Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency. So, next, please go to the Vitamin D Therapy page and get step-by-step instructions on how to get your Vitamin D Level up to optimal levels.

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