What Happened to Longevity Plus?

By on January 12, 2015

What happened to Longevity Plus?
Did Longevity Plus go Out of Business?

Unfortunately, Longevity Plus ‘shut their doors’ unexpectedly on Thursday January 8th, 2015 with no notice to their employees, their customers, or those of us who supply their products. Their employees were given no reason as to why the company, that has been in business for over a decade providing products to thousands of customers around the country, went out of business. It is suspected by my contact there, however, that it was due to financial incompetence. I no longer recommend Longevity Plus products

Here is the email discussion with my contact there. She was forced to use a different email server than Longevity Plus to contact me and let me know that the company had closed it’s doors suddenly and without notice to employees or those who supplied their products to customers, as their email servers had already been shut down by the time I was contacted.

I never received any official notice from the company that they were no longer accepting orders, leaving me in the lurch to provide refunds or substitutes for orders I had already placed. In fact, I lost money because I chose to fulfill the products to my customers by purchasing products from retailers online at full price who still had them, rather than to force my customers to find replacement products themselves. Read the last email as the first one, since that is how the dates appear in an email series.


What Happened to Longevity Plus?

What Happened to Longevity Plus?

I No Longer Recommend Longevity Plus Products

Update as of June 20, 2016. I hate to have to post this, but since Longevity Plus closed their doors, I’ve learned disturbing information about their business. I had much respect for Dr. Gordon and his products until recently, and can no longer promote Longevity Plus products in good conscience.

A year and a half after putting up this blog post and them having ‘shut their doors’, they suddenly contact me on June 15th saying that it’s ‘unbelievable’ that I have a post on my site saying they shut their doors and that they never shut their doors, despite telling their employees this, not accepting orders, shutting down their servers, and not proving their key products for one and one-half years.

I responded immediately, and was in conversation with them when suddenly, on June 17th, just two days after they first contacted me, they threaten me with legal action if I do not change this post IMMEDIATELY, despite the fact that I had been in immediate contact with them and completely cooperative.longevity plus is harassing me

Here’s their email to me demanding that I change my site immediately or they will begin legal action against me. This despite it only being only two days since they contacted me, and that I had explained I had been traveling and had little internet access and even less time the past two days. What little time I was actually on the internet, I was taking care of absolute priorities, such as family issues and immediate customer service needs for my business.

When they threatened legal action, I again explained that it would be up to a week before I could change my site. They email me that this is fine. That is the Friday before Father’s Day.

On Father’s Day Sunday, June 19, 2016, two days later and the first day that I am back in town, but spending it with my family, I get an angry sounding, almost incoherent email using terrible grammar and spelling, telling me to take my blog post down or they will be contacting their attorney! Wow. Who acts like that? Not only on a Sunday, but on Father’s Day Sunday to a person who has been entirely cooperative with them. It almost seems as though Dr. Gordon has been hiring illiterate teenagers with no tact or customer service skills to run his business.  Here is that email.review of longevity plus products

Notice that these rude and threatening customer service emails have no personal signature. They are obviously also not reading the prior emails. It’s a obvious sign of poor customer service or a chaotic customer service process when the customer service representatives don’t use their name and don’t even bother to read previous emails.

With the terrible treatment they have given me, and the utter lack of professionalism by either Dr. Gordon or people claiming to be Dr. Gordon, including someone claiming to be his daughter Sloan, I can no longer recommend that anyone do business with Longevity Plus. If Dr. Gordon is hiring people this unprofessional, unethical, and illiterate for his customer service, and who have this much disdain for people who might sell their products, it makes me wonder what other quality measures in his company are slipping.

I’ve actually never in my life dealt with such an angry, demanding, and illiterate-sounding company as I have had the displeasure to do in the last week with Longevity Plus, not to mention in 2015 when they ‘shut their doors’ and showed so much disdain to their distributors and employees as to not even have the courtesy of telling them what was going on, and leaving them unable to fill products that had already been ordered.

I will definitely not be promoting their products as I have in the past, and I hope that you do not put your trust or your money in a company that treats their employees and those who promote their products with such disdain, disrespect, and lack of ethics.

What Alternatives Are There to Longevity Plus Products?

I now am promoting these products as a substitute for Longevity Plus products. These products are just as good or better than the products sold by Longevity Plus,  and in some cases are the identical products, and come without the risk of dealing with a company that goes out of business suddenly,  and has questionable ethics at best.

What About their Other Products

You can still purchase these products at the links below that are identical to, or of equivalent quality to, the Longevity Plus products. In fact, the silver and the zeolite are not Longevity Plus products anyway, and are offered by me from the same company that supplied them to Longevity Plus.

I’m sorry for the confusion and I hope that you refrain from purchasing Longevity Plus products and find some of the many excellent substitutes out there. They are not a company I will be dealing with in the future. Ethical business practices are important to me, and I have found their ethics questionable or lacking on several levels;  and their treatment of me and of their employees reprehensible, callous, and uncaring at best.

You have a choice of what manufacturers you purchase your supplements from, and I hope you choose to give your precious health care dollars to a company with better ethics than Longevity Plus.


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Yes, those were from their company, despite the unprofessionalism. The email address shows this. And no, Longevity Plus was not shut down by the FDA. Not every company fails because the FDA shuts them down. No one has even suggested that Longevity plus was shut down by the FDA, so not sure why you are making such a wild speculation.

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