Review of SimpleHealth’s Magnesium Citrate Powder Supplement

By on November 4, 2014

This is a review of SimpleHealth Magnesium Citrate powdered supplement. I tried this supplement out over the period of a couple of weeks and definitely give it my endorsement as a great magnesium citrate supplement. I also compared it to the magnesium citrate powder that I normally use, Natural Calm, and it definitely compares favorably to Natural Calm in almost every way and I can give my endorsement for it as a great way to get your magnesium.

I ordered a bottle of  SimpleHealth’s Magnesium Citrate Powder through Amazon, and since it is fulfilled by Amazon, I got it in just 2 days, which is nice. The first thing that I noticed is that the only ingredient is magnesium citrate. I do recommend the use of magnesium in the form of ‘anything but oxide’ and to try different formulations to see what works the best for you. I personally use magnesium citrate and recommend it, particularly, for those who tend to ‘lean’ towards being constipated. Those who need to take high doses of magnesium, as outlined on the Magnesium Dosage page, and who tend towards having loose stools might find that they will not be able to take as large a dose of magnesium citrate as they can of other formulations of magnesium without getting loose stools. However, since loose stools is one of the main Side Effects of Magnesium, this ‘downside’ turns into a benefit for those who tend to be constipated.

SimpleHealth Magnesium Citrate Powder Supplement

I loved that there were no other ingredients. Since so many people are sensitive to SOMETHING, it’s difficult to find a formulation that everyone can use. However, SimpeHealth solved this problem by adding nothing to its supplement, making it truly a ‘magnesium citrate supplement’ and nothing else. For those with sensitivities, it’s sometimes a challenge to determine if a problem is being caused by the supplement or by the other added ingredients, having no other ingredients eliminates this issue.

The only downside to having no other ingredients is that it’s not flavored. My daily habit is to add Natural Calm powder to a 600 ml glass water bottle and drink the water throughout the day. I also add ¼ tsp of Pink Himalayan Salt and 2 grams of Bio-Ener-C, a low acid vitamin C that can be taken at high dosages without any GI distress. Adding the SimpleHealth Magnesium Citrate Supplement to my water, both with and without the salt and vitamin C, was not unpleasant, but it definitely was not tasty enough to drink alone. Adding a squeeze of lime solved this problem immediately. Both products dissolve in water equally well.

Some friends also tried the supplement and one of them thought that, by itself, the taste was JUST slightly to the ‘bad’ side of neutral, but was perfectly acceptable with a squeeze of lime. Another friend, who asked for some magnesium but did not know he was trying out a supplement for me, gave an unsolicited ‘yum’ when I gave him the supplement in water with a squeeze of lime.Joshua Tucker of The Tendonitis Expert, tried some out in his daily chocolate banana protein smoothie and found that a ¼ tsp dose (which is ½ the serving size ) left no noticeable taste in his drink, but a ½ tsp (the serving size) left a noticeable taste. He said that he’s likely to continue adding it to his smoothie in the ¼ tsp dosage. I suspect that one could use a higher dosage in a smoothie that is fruit-based, however, since the taste is a little on the ‘acidic’ side and would be complementary to a fruit smoothie or green smoothie.

The other thing that I liked was that it’s extremely concentrated. The serving size of ½ tsp = 315 mg of magnesium citrate. This compares to the Natural Calm, which contains 325 mg in its 2 tsp dosage. This makes the SimpleHealth product 4 times more concentrated; meaning that one single 8 oz bottle of SimpleHealth magnesium is the equivalent of TWO 16 oz bottles of Natural Calm! At $17.97 for an 8 oz bottle of SimpleHealth Magnesium Citrate and $24.57 for a 16 oz bottle of Natural Calm (the best price that I saw on Amazon on Nov. 3, 2014), this makes SimpleHealth’s product the better deal. Milligram per milligram, you get more than twice as much magnesium in SimpleHealth’s product than in Natural Calm’s magnesium for the same price. SimpleHealth’s product is the far better value for the money. Remember that ONE bottle of SimpleHealth contains almost the same dose of TWO bottles of Natural Calm. Therefore, you’d have to buy two bottles of Natural Calm to get the same dose of magnesium in the SimpleHealth product. And since Natural Calm is more expensive for one single bottle, that makes Natural Calm twice as expensive.

While I have no data to back this up, my observation was that the absorption of SimpleHealth’s Magnesium Citrate was equivalent to the same dose of Natural Calm. I generally don’t measure the Natural Calm precisely since I just ‘know’ how much to use after using it for a long period of time. However, using the serving size on the bottle twice a day in my water resulted in looser stools than I would have liked, so I reduced the serving size to half the serving size twice a day without problems. Since I don’t have any Signs of Magnesium Deficiency except a tendency towards constipation, I could not assess in any other way as to whether the magnesium was being absorbed well or not. I continued to sleep well and could easily relax, concentrate, meditate and had no muscle aches or pains that I might experience if I were deficient in magnesium. So, from my personal observations, I did not notice that one was superior or inferior to the other in absorption.

Overall, I found SimpleHealth’s Magnesium Citrate Powder to be an excellent product that I feel good about recommending. It has the benefits of not having any other ingredients, is well absorbed, is very cost effective, and dissolves well in water. Its only downside is that it needs some sort of flavoring to make it a little more palatable. Adding it to fruit juices or smoothies would be a great idea, or just adding a squeeze of lime makes for a great natural magnesium supplement. With no added ingredients and at half the price of Natural Calm magnesium, you can’t go wrong.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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