UCSF Says 20 Years of Breast Cancer Screening a Failure…

By on October 20, 2009

Today, UCSF issued a statement saying that aggressive prostate and breast cancer screening has not brought about the decrease in mortality that they had hoped for and that the aggressive screenings that have been done have likely led to an increase in treatment of cancers that probably didn’t even need treatment to begin with!!

This is especially true with prostate and breast cancers that often grow slowly, but they admitted that the fastest growing breast cancers, the ones that are the MOST dangerous and really do need aggressive treatment, are the ones being missed most frequently! While this is great that researchers are beginning to recognize this, current policy is not likely to change anytime soon. In what I call habitual medicine, things that are ‘perceived’ to work, even if in reality their is little to no proof that they actually DO work, will be continued indefinitely until their is a ‘sea-change’ in thinking- which often takes decades to centuries to achieve historically in medicine.

What I found interesting about the press release is that the word ‘Prevention’ was only used once. Why is screening so focused upon when it is apparently not working!! Especially when prevention is almost completely ignored by doctors, researchers, those doing clinical trials, etc. See why Prevention and Screening are NOT the Same Thing.

(update- The US Preventive Services Task Force actually DID revise their recommendations. Good for them. The Mayo Clinic Newsblog states, “Experts suggest screening every two years for average risk women ages 50 to 74 achieves most of the benefits of annual screening, but with less harm.). So, in essence they are admitting not just FAILURE to detect cancers, but that previous guidelines have caused HARM! Do they REALLY know that these guidelines are BETTER, or are they just experimenting with women’s lives once again without any real change in breast cancer incidence?

We HAVE effective prevention strategies that doctors are simply ignoring, and we wouldn’t NEED so much screening and treatment if prevention were focused upon. Here are two prevention strategies for breast cancer specifically that SHOULD be implemented, but that are NOT even being considered.

  1. Vitamin D Sufficiency
  2. The 2/16 OH Estrogen Level Test

Vitamin D Sufficiency

Dozens of Vitamin D researchers have stated that if everyone were to have sufficient vitamin D levels that it WOULD reduce breast cancer rates up to 75%. Breast Cancer and Vitamin D is a major breakthrough in risk reduction that is NOT being talked about.


Up to 75%!!!


That’s a 3 exclamation point statement that doctors in clinical practice just don’t seem to care about at all. If there were a drug that could prevent up to 75% of breast cancers, doctors and hospitals would have every woman taking it from the time she were a child. Instead, because it’s a natural substance, it is being IGNORED as a breast cancer prevention strategy!! This is a serious tragedy that I think history is going to look back on with much disdain that we are letting all these women GET breast cancer and doing nothing about it beforehand when we already have the knowledge.

The 2/16 OH Estrogen Level Test

This is a test that can test for your breast cancer RISK by measuring levels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ estrogen that contribute to breast cancer risk….AND allowing you to do something ABOUT that risk and RETEST to see if you have altered that risk!! How cool is that!? The 2/16 OH Estrogen Level Test is inexpensive, readily available and is done AT HOME using a single urine sample. You don’t even need a doctor to order it!

But medical professionals don’t use this test! Yet it is the ONLY test that can test for your RISK for breast cancer. Not even genetic testing can do that because the MAJORITY of women with breast cancer do NOT have the gene for breast cancer!! So, this shows that breast cancer is more about modifiable lifestyle factors then about genetics! When will the medical profession learn this?

So, even though UCSF is declaring the past 20 years of breast cancer screening a failure, YOU do NOT have to live in fear of breast cancer. You CAN take matters into your own hands with simple measures to modify your risk of cancer- using simple and inexpensive measures.

About Kerri Knox, RN

The author is a Registered Nurse and Functional Medicine Practitioner. With 20 years of experience in health care, she has the unique perspective of being solidly grounded in both Conventional Medicine and Alternative Medicine. She can help you to to find and repair the underlying causes of chronic illness, while empowering you to take charge of your own health. She is the owner and author of this blog and website.

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