Gardasil Vaccine Proven 30 times more Dangerous than other Vaccines!

By on February 20, 2009

The Gardasil vaccine, the new Vaccine that is being recommended for young girls in order to prevent cervical cancer is back in the news with more reports of harm to young girls. Why is there a vaccine for cervical cancer? Well, cervical cancer is actually caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV),  and the vaccine is supposed to prevent getting infected by this virus. While this sounds great, it may not actually work, but that is the current justification for the use of this vaccine. However, that is not the end of the story, and after initial worries about the safety of the vaccine, there are fresh reports of girls becoming ill or even dying after the injection. The National Vaccine Information Center found searched the records and found that the rate of Vaccine Complications after Gardisil is 30 times higher than with the Meningococcal Vaccine! And all this for a vaccine for a cancer with a very low incidence, and that is already being screened by the virtually ubiquitous pap smear.

Many states have already, or are contemplating making the vaccine mandatory for school entrance. At the same time that states are making it mandatory, Spain has looked at the evidence and has pulled Gardisil off of the market completely due to its safety concerns! For more information, go to the National Vaccine Information Center website and learn more about the risks of Gardasil. While you are there, please Sign their Petition to have the Federal Government reassess the risks of Gardisil before more girls get injured or die from this dangerous vaccine.

In the meantime, it’s questionable as to whether the Gardasil vaccine is even very effective. There are many types of HPV viruses, and only a small number of them lead to cervical cancer. The high incidence of Health Screening Exams, specifically pap smears, has already reduced the incidence of cervical cancer drastically, to where it is not a very prevalent cancer anyway. Interestingly, because viruses are often dependent upon nutritional factors, it’s been shown that Broccoli Might Be More Effective Than the Gardasil Vaccine anyway. This concept of viral infections being prevented or even cured by specific nutrients and natural substances may sound revolutionary, however, it’s a concept we have noted several times on this site, specifically in the instance of the Cuban embargo in the 1990’s where 50,000 were cured of a viral nerve disorder using vitamins, and the interesting case of Selenium in Heart Failure.  If it were your daughter, would you want to give her a vaccine that is possibly dangerous, or just feed her broccoli and other nutrients to prevent the same problem that she has little chance of dying from anyway? Personally, I’d choose the broccoli for its cervical cancer prevention properties, as well as its ability to reduce and prevent a variety of other health problems instead of risking the dangers that are being associated with such a new vaccine.

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