Those With Poor Nutrition Put Us All at Risk for the Flu

By on November 24, 2009
risk for the flu

The common wisdom is that those who don’t get the Flu shot put us all at risk for influenza. But what if those who have poor nutrition put us at risk even more? Well, it could very well be true. Those who have poor nutrition not only put themselves at risk for swine flu because of their decreased immunity, but their decreased immunity actually allows the flu virus to change into an even MORE deadly disease.

The research to back this started with a surprising finding in children with heart disease in the province of Keshan in China. It has been found that an ‘epidemic’ of heart failure in children was due to a deficiency of selenium in the soils of the area. Prompt supplementation of the inhabitants curbed this heart failure epidemic. But small numbers of people continued to get heart failure and researchers found that those who died from this Heart Failure From Selenium Deficiency– now called Keshan disease- actually had a viral infection that had attacked their heart.

When researchers studied those who died of natural causes, they were found to ALSO have the virus in their hearts but it did not affect them. Studies on mice exposed to the same virus found that selenium deficient mice exposed to the NON VIRULENT virus, died of heart failure too. The surprise came when it was found that the VIRUS actually CHANGED into a killer when selenium was deficient!

The Implications of this are Huge

This important finding has since been repeated with the Selenium and Influenza as well. And the findings were the same. A non-virulent flu virus, when exposed to a host with different varied nutritional deficiencies, will mutate and change into a more virulent virus. Not only that, but the NEW more virulent virus was able to sicken those who were previously IMMUNE to the old virus!

“This work… shows that specific nutritional deficiencies
can have a profound impact on the genome of RNA viruses.
Poor nutritional status in the host may contribute to the
emergence of new viral strains.”

Host nutritional selenium status
as a driving force for influenza virus mutations

While the research that proved the genetic mutations was done on mice, there is no reason to believe that these findings don’t apply to humans. And we have several examples of this in nature. The first is the example of Keshan Disease that was mentioned earlier; another example was an ‘epidemic’ of a virus that caused optic and peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy is a nervous system disorder that causes pain and decreased sensation in the affected areas. This virus was one of the Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy that affected over 50,000 people in Cuba between the years 1991 to 1993.



Interestingly, the CURE for both Keshan disease and this neuropathy in Cuba is NOT antiviral medications or vaccinations… but VITAMINS. Keshan disease is not only PREVENTED, but CURED by the administration of selenium. And the viral neuropathy in Cuba was, likewise, cured by MULTIVITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS- and it was prevented in the majority of the population of Cuba simply be handing out High Quality Multivitamin Supplements to the population!

This information should be trumpeted around the world. Poor nutrition allows viruses to mutate and change and puts us all at risk of diseases and epidemics. But this information has quietly been ignored in favor of ‘herd immunity’ through an attempt at vaccination of the total population. Those who refuse vaccinations are vilified as a threat to the rest of us. But these findings suggest that the REAL threat comes from those who have poor nutrition and allow these illnesses to mutate and change in their bodies, bringing a worse form of the disease to the rest of the population. While the nutritional deficiencies affect the immune system, a weakened immune system ALSO makes pathogens more virulent- allowing them to spread back to a population who was previously immune to them. There is no way that ‘Herd Immunity’ from any Swine Flu Shot program will be able to keep up with that, as much as the pharmaceutical companies may try.

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